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Interior Design

Architecture, decoration and interior design studio.

decoración de interiores


We take your own ideas as a starting point and bring our experience to lay the foundations for a stable, secure and efficient project.


We decorate your home to achieve the harmony and balance you need to live in an incredible way.

Interior design

We decorate your living space with avant-garde trends and modern style respecting your tastes and interests.

decoración de interiores


We carry out each project in a personalised manner and take care of the work in a comprehensive manner.

What we do

We help you to renovate your space from scratch, so that you can live the best experience in your most intimate environment, your home.

Decora AYA

In Decora AYA, different styles come together. The fusion of predominant nuances such as oriental, ethnic and vintage characterise us, marking the character of our decorative style, while integrating the preferences and tastes of our clients with current trends. All of this, together with the combination of different materials and textures and the integration of new technologies, create homes where day-to-day life is easier. This is how, by combining the interior decoration that best suits the client and making the most of the useful space in each of the rooms, all of this combined creates spaces and homes where family enjoyment, recharging energy and rest flow in complete harmony, creating a perfect balance between beauty and practicality.

Diseño y Decoración de Vanguardia

Project Analysis

We visit the site or organise a get-to-know-us visit for data collection and basic analysis of the environment (orientation, incidence of light, etc.). This will allow us to get a first impression of the project you have in mind.

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Definition and Design

Definition of the project and conceptual proposal of the space and design. We work on sketches of plans, scaling different perspectives and technical details. This will give you an idea of what the changes will look like in the space.

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Preliminary draft

We present you with a first draft that we will review with you to adjust all your needs to the final project. A work on a plan that includes distribution and different perspectives. Sensory references, texture, light, etc. Please find enclosed a first budget estimate.

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With the final changes we proceed to draw up the final detailed quotation for your approval so that we can start with the work on the workspace.

Execution of works

Closure of the project, commencement and organisation of the various intervention works on the site.
We take care of everything without you having to worry about the details of licences, paperwork, communication with neighbours, etc. Demolition and construction work (paving, installations, furniture, lighting, etc.)

Decoration and completion

Final details in the decorative line to add the finishing touch to the project. We make sure that we deliver on time and according to the project definition. We would be delighted to help you bring your dreams to life.

About us

We like to meet the highest expectations of our customers and therefore leave nothing to chance. We accompany you in every step and phase of the project, from the original idea through the conception and distribution of the environment, choice of materials, to the execution and completion of the project.

We meet with you, the necessary time for you to tell us your idea and inspiration, after all who will inhabit the renovated space is you and you have to feel the greatest comfort and enjoyment in every corner of the space where you are going to write your personal story.

We work with the best professionals in each sector and supervise each and every stage of the work.

Our aim is to discover and create that unique space with you based on your initial idea, providing all our “Know How” and making it a reality. 

We want you to live your best experience in concept and perception of the living environment and enjoy it as you had already imagined.

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